Friday, May 15, 2015

Tips menghilangkan rasa bosan - by one year old ;p

Hrrmm..I'm bored..Let's find something to do

How about this bottle? Can I play with this?

Of course I can. Lets just open this..

Iyaahh..I'm so strongg

Opps.. I drop the bottle hehe..

There you are again, don't try to run away Mr bottle!

Maybe you should wear your cap back on

or maybe I'll just shake you..Shake..shake..shake to death (LOL just kidding :P)

Now I'm happy again ^_^

Ok tak tau sejak bila Taufik pandai bercakap bahasa Inggeris ni .. Maybe patut replace dengan loghat kelantan hehe.. Apapun kadang-kadang seronok tengok anak-anak kecil meneroka alam sekeliling mereka. How they are trying to figure out things..Bagi kita mungkin ia cuma botol kosong, tapi pada pandangan anak kecil ia mungkin sesuatu yang asing, sesuatu yang baru, sesuatu yang menakjubkan. If we take that bottle away from them that means we also take away the learning opportunity (but of course we should always be careful in case of possible danger such as chooking hazard etc)

Lets say yes to play, play and lotsss of play! ^_^

p/s: bermain dengan botol (dan penutupnya) sebenarnya merupakan satu latihan yang bagus untuk kemahiran motor halus dan eye hand coordination

p/s lagi: nak beli some fun educational toys so that your kids did not end up playing with empty bottle all day long? Jom jenguk-jenguk fb shaznur stationery & educational toys..tq ^_^

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